Let our team keep your lawn looking healthy!

The fertilization of your lawn is done in many steps in order to fortify your grass and to reduce the invasion of weeds. Please note that weed control is taken care of during each visit.:

  1. 1st visit : In the month of May, we apply an organic corn gluten based fertilizer on your lawn in order to control the pre-emergence of weeds.
  2. 2nd visit : In June, we spread a granular fertilizer with controlled release to facilitate the steady growth of your lawn during the summer season.
  3. 3rd visit : At the end of the month of July and at the beginning of the month of August, our fertilizing team uses poultry manure, a 100% natural granular fertilizer and without any additive, which fortifies your lawn and keeps it healthy all summer long.
  4. 4th visit : In September, we apply our fall fertilizer that ensures maximum supply of nutriments for the roots in order to protect the grass from the harmful effects of the winter frost.

  • A detailed written and free quote;
  • Service offered everywhere in Quebec and in some parts of Ontario;
  • Client feedback follow-ups to ensure client satisfaction;
  • An extensive selection and training process for the window cleaning team members;
  • Liability ($2,000,000) and workers compensation insurance;
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