Let our motivated entrepreneurs take good care of your lawn.

For a complete service, we provide a lawn mowing services in 3 different steps.:

  1. Lawn mowing : In order to promote a deeper rooting and a better conservation of humidity, we cut your grass at a height of 3 inches. Our lawn mower blades are sharpened regularly. For your convenience, the grass clippings can be collected or shredded so that they can be used as a fertilizer for your lawn.
  2. Edge trimming : Edge trimming is carried out meticulously to ensure that your installations, plants, trees shrubs and fences are not damaged.
  3. Debris blowing : The process of debris blowing is executed on the sidewalks, the contours of your swimming pool as well as in your flower beds and in the street.

  • A detailed written and free quote;
  • Service offered everywhere in Quebec and in some parts of Ontario;
  • Client feedback follow-ups to ensure client satisfaction;
  • An extensive selection and training process for the window cleaning team members;
  • Liability ($2,000,000) and workers compensation insurance;
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